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Thanks for registering!  Here are answers to some common questions

How do I change my password?
  • Click on "Your Details;"
  • Click on "Edit" - You'll see a drop-down menu:  click on "Update Your Profile."
  • Enter a new password in the box that says Password, and verify it by typing it again in the next box.
  • Click on "Update."
  • Your new password will take effect the next time you log on.
How do I upload my profile photo?

To upload a profile photo,  go to "Your Details" > "Edit" > "Update Your Image" - there will a box with a browse button. Use browse to find the photo on your computer then click upload. Your image will be displayed at a maximum of (width x height): 200x500.  If necessary, the site will automatically resize it but you will not be allowed to upload a file bigger than 2 MB. If it is too large, then either use Photoshop to make it smaller or try the suggestions at this URL - Resizing photos (MAC included).

How do I add myself to the list of classmates who hope/plan to attend the next reunion?
  • Click on 'Reunion Attendees' in the 'Class Notes' section of the menu;
  • Once the 'Reunion Attendees page opens, click on the the blue 'here' link at the top of the page;
  • The site will display a page with your name, current reunion plans, and a button that gives you the opportunity to change them. Click the button to add/remove yourself.
How can I unsubscribe from email from this site?
  • Click on "Your Details" on the "User Menu";
  • Hover over "Edit" and click on "Update your profile"';
  • Click on the "Web Contact" tab;
  • Uncheck the "OK for Webmaster to send email" box;
  • Press the "Update" button;
How can I keep my email private but still let classmates get in touch?

That's easy:  Your email is private, but any registered member of the site can send you an email from your profile (they get there by clicking on your name in any list if they are logged in). They can put the cursor on "messages" and then click on "send email" and a contact form appears which they can use to send a message.

Be sure to leave the "public email" field in your user profile blank.

Can my email be visible to my classmates but not to the public?

Edit your profile (see questions above for that) and put an email address in the "public email" box.

How can I add a link to Facebook to my profile?

Log into Facebook and go to your Facebook profile.  At the bottom of the left-hand column you will see a link that reads: "Create a Profile Badge;" click this link.  You want part, but not all of the contents of the 'badge' that Facebook creates.  Copy the part between quotes that reads:

Don't copy the quotes.  ("Yourname" and "yournumber" stand in for the values that actually link to your account, of course.)

Now edit your profile on your class Website and go to the 'Web contact' tab.  There you can paste the link you just copied into the 'Address of site' field for Facebook.  You should also enter "Facebook" in the 'Name of site' field.

How can I add a link to a Myspace page to my profile?

If you already have a Myspace URL you can simply enter it in the 'Address of site' field in the Myspace area of your profile,  on the 'Web contact' tab.  You should also enter "Myspace" in the 'Name of site' field.  (If you  have a Myspace URL it should appear near the top left of your Myspace page.)

If you don't already have a Myspace URL, you will first have to go to Myspace and create one.   (I believe that the link to create a url is in the top left of the page, but I haven't confirmed this.)

How can I add a link to AOL Instant Messanger my profile?

You can simply enter you screen name in the AIM 'Name of site' field on the 'Web contact' tab of your profile.  That will display your screen name but won't add a link.  To add a link, follow these instructions:

Simply copy the following link to the  'Address of site' field for AIM on the 'Web contact' tab of your profile.  Edit the copied text to insert your AIM screen name where it says "yourname".  You should also insert your AIM screen name in the 'Name of site' field.


You can also edit the 'hello' to include your own default message, or remove it, if you wish.

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