George Vernon

55th reunion musings

George Vernon 

The achievements of our not-the-greatest generation:

Squandering (the dictionary's polite rendition of "pissing away") billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives in Afghanistan and

the Middle East notwithstanding the plain lessons of Vietnam for which we so enthusiastically (and correctly)  blamed the prior generation.

Introducing into the civilian free market millions of automatic weapons comparable to those used in these wars.

Eliminating fair and responsible mediation of public affairs formerly provided by the fairness doctrine and responsible journalism. 

Presiding over the birth and laissez faire mega-growth of communications technology yielding a Gresham's law in the marketplace of ideas.

Abandoning antitrust enforcement at the dawn of a new technology-fueled Gilded Age.  Refusal to punish Wall Street financial abuses

one short decade after prosecuting and jailing many savings and loan small-fries for far less egregious frauds. Destruction of private sector organized

labor. Massive transfer of blue collar manufacturing jobs to Asians, who now build virtually every product on the shelves of our hardware stores and

Wal-Marts. As a corollary,thereby fueling the rise of China, the global behemoth with which our grand-kids will be forced to deal.

Refusal of the courts to put rational limits on partisan gerrymandering, thereby eliminating the career paths of politicians interested in

negotiated centrist solutions to these myriad of challenges.


Time for us to go.  Our work here is done.