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Most features of this site are available only to classmates.  This includes reunion information, photos from the Harvard and Radcliffe archives, and upcoming events, classmate profiles, books published by classmates, classmate creative works,  and an interactive map of where we live.  If you haven't already done so,  please register for this site now! (Registration here is separate from registration on Harvard's alumni web site, Alumni.Harvard.edu - the old post.harvard.edu.)

The 55th is coming:  June 2  - June 3 2022!

Our 55th College Reunion is upon us, and it's the only one we'll ever have. We want you to join your classmates, encounter new people, continue old conversations and begin new ones. For some this may mean a trip down memory lane. For others, this will be an opportunity to encounter a changed Harvard, set in a changed Boston. The most meaningful part of the reunion will be the people who are in the room. Please come.

Please note - Registration will be open in March.

The dates of the reunion are Thursday June 2nd and Friday June 3rd, 2022.. Early arrivals may register on Wednesday afternoon or evening. June 1st, and there will be a welcoming reception that evening.  Housing will be available for the evening of the 1st. The Reunion officially ends after The Annual Meeting of the HAA.

The reunion committee's objectives overall, in what will be a densely packed program, are to make everyone feel welcomed and included, to provide enough time for private reunions among old friends who may not have seen one another for decades, and to have enough discussions of issues of importance to give all classmates a chance to participate. 

The committee is working to provide two or three very interesting lectures, a few "open mic" discussions and a several symposia. 

Between classmates and guests, we can anticipate between 750 and 900 attendees. 

Attendance at the reunion will permit free access to all of Harvard's many libraries and museums, subject, of course, to Covid restrictions.  We will provide information about some area options. We will provide a list of restaurants, cafes and bars in Kendall Square, Central Square, Porter Square and Davis Square, all easily reached on the Red Line, and Watertown Square, a quick bus ride away. Enroute to Watertown you may wish to walk the beautiful grounds of Mt. Auburn Cemetery for birding, history or tranquility. The city of Boston itself is rich with museums (such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Institute of Contemporary Art and the MIT Museum), libraries (the Boston Public Library, and the Boston Atheneum have excellent exhibits and tours), and many good neighborhoods to wander and explore. 

Our headquarters, registration center and "hang-out" place will be in Quincy House, very close to the Yard and most of our planned activities. We encourage all of you who have enjoyed previous reunions to pass your comments on to us AND to encourage old classmates and friends to attend. Many new friendships have been made at these reunions and we hope that those who come will be glad they did. 

              Eileen Hsu-Balzer    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

              Ken Ledeen     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

              Reunion Co-Chairs

For questions please contact College Alumni Programs at 617-496-7001 (or your reunion program co-chairs.  


Lost Classmates

We would like to alert as many '67 class members as possible about all class activities.  However we do not have current contact information for some.  We are hoping that you can help by providing us with contact information for those "lost" classmates.  For a list of the 'missing', click here.  


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Harvard Shield Fair Harvard

Fair Harvard! we join in thy Jubilee throng,
And with blessings surrender thee o’er
By these Festival-rites, from the Age that is past,
To the Age that is waiting before.
O Relic and Type of our ancestors’ worth,
That hast long kept their memory warm,
First flow’r of their wilderness! Star of their night!
Calm rising thro' change and thro' storm.

To thy bow'rs we were led in the bloom of our youth,
From the home of our infantile years,
When our fathers had warn'd, and our mothers had pray'd,
And our sisters had blest thro' their tears.
Thou then wert our parent, the nurse of our soul;
We were molded to manhood by thee,
Till freighted with treasure thoughts, friendships and hopes,
Thou didst launch us on Destiny's sea.

When as pilgrims we come to revisit thy halls,
To what kindlings the season gives birth!
Thy shades are more soothing, thy sunlight more dear,
Than descend on less privileged earth.
For the good and the great, in their beautiful prime,
Thro' thy precincts have musingly trod,
As they girded their spirits or deepen'd the streams
That make glad the fair city of God.

Farewell! be thy destinies onward and bright!
To thy children the lesson still give,
With freedom to think, and with patience to bear,
And for Right ever bravely to live.
Let not moss-covered Error moor thee at its side,
As the world on Truth’s current glides by,
Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love,
Till the stock of the Puritans die.


Samuel Gilman, Class of 1811
[Revised 1998]


Radcliffe Shield Radcliffe, Now We Rise to Greet Thee

Radcliffe, now we rise to greet thee,
Alma Mater, hail to thee!
All our hearts are one in singing
Of our love and loyalty.
We have learn’d to know each other
In thy light, which clearly beams,
Thou hast been a kindly Mother,
Great fulfiller of our dreams.
Radcliffe, now we rise to greet thee,
Alma Mater, hail to thee!

Alma Mater, give thy daughters
Each a spark from Truth's pure flame;
Let them when they leave thy altars
Kindle others in thy name.
For our strength and joy in living,
Love and praise to thee belong;
Thou whose very life is giving,
From thy daughters take a song.
Radcliffe, now we rise to greet thee,
Alma Mater, hail to thee!


Words by Floretta Elmore, Class of 1909
Music by Emily Coolidge, Class of 1908